Memory Ch. 2


(Aaahhh so sorry it’s short, I wanted to make it longer, but…the cliffhanger begging at me and the short ideas I have for this and how long it took to make as it is….uuughhh…I’m pissed off since this wasn’t as how I originally planned for it come out. I said I’d change it but, ughh…Really self conscious of this…)

That next day, the security guard had been talking with the mechanics about Foxy’s statement from last night. Not only did it scare him deeply, but his mind on the animatronics becoming self aware had definitely been changed since then. He may be overthinking it, since Foxy could’ve just blurted out anything, since the robots tend to become more inactive later in the day, but it still scared him.

The mechanics denied that Foxy would say such a thing, and had brushed this off. The security guard tried to get them to listen, but that only resulted in them walking off, whispering something about him being a lunatic. And, as the security guard got back to post and sat in his chair, he stared at the table for more than half of his shift.

Maybe he WAS a little crazy. After all, being in a kid’s pizzeria does make your whole attitude and mood change, which would result in some….sanity being left out. Maybe he just IMAGINED Foxy saying that.

Smirking, he went back to the monitors. Yeah. It was all in his imagination.

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How the past month has been for me

OMG xDD he flips it off then it rolls to 6am hahah!! his face!
game: Five nights at freddy’s
player: Markiplier

The Reality.


when it turns 6am when they’re right outside your door